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Nature Coast Fishing Report, Capt. William Toney, 11/8/17–Homosassa/Crystal River/Yankeetown/Waccasassa

by on Nov.08, 2017, under Chassahowitzka and Homosassa, Ozello to Crystal River, Yankeetown and Waccasassa

Some of the hardest hitting and drag pulling fish that pass through the Nature Coast heading south are biting now. Spanish mackerel are abundant on the near shore rocks and coastal flats. The flats mackerel are mixed in with trout over hard bottom in 3 to 5 feet of water. Just like the trout they will hit most jigs but the bad luck about mackerel are they’re sharp teeth. Luck has allot to do with landing spanish mackerel while trout fishing and one way to have more luck is to set the hook quickly with every strike. This will help prevent the bait from getting to close to those sharp teeth. Sometimes an angler will get cut off but it happens. On the near shore rocks a chum bag will help concentrate the fish. Use live shrimp on a 2/0 long shank Eagle Claw hook free lined with the tide and chum for the best bite. The long shank hook acts like a leader without having to use wire that mackerel will sometimes shy away from. On the bottom around the near shore rocks there are grunts and a few sheepshead biting also.
The waters are starting to clear up some. We have experienced some coffee colored water from the north west wind pushing the tannin stained fresh waters from the Waccasassa and Withlacochee River toward the south. Look for incoming tide this weekend to be in the morning.


Capt. William Toney



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Snook On The Upper Big Bend? You Bet–Provided We Have a Warm Winter!

by on Aug.28, 2015, under Cedar Key, Chassahowitzka and Homosassa, FLORIDA'S BIG BEND AND EMERALD COAST, Ozello to Crystal River, Suwannee, Yankeetown and Waccasassa

Warmer winters mean the habitat for snook has moved north, into Levy and Dixie counties.

Warmer winters mean the habitat for snook has moved north, into Levy and Dixie counties.

Snook are probably the most fun and abundant gamefish in Florida.  They run, they jump, and if you want to keep one for dinner during open season, they’re delicious to eat.  However, they’re also highly susceptible to cold water temperatures and are some of the first fish to be found floating dead after a hard winter freeze.  Warm winters in recent years have allowed snook to migrate north from Pinellas and Pasco counties (Tarpon Springs’ Anclote Key was the northern edge of their range for many years.)  Now, with our recent warm winters, snook are regularly being caught well north of the Withlacoochee River in Waccasassa Bay and even as far north at Suwannee’s Salt Creek.


A Yankeetown snook.

Snook are ambush feeders, and prey on small fish (mullet, pinfish and sardines) as well as crustaceans (crabs and shrimp).  They will also readily attack artificial lures like the D.O.A. shrimp or slow-sinking MirrOlure Catch 2000s.  Rigging is important, with stealthy knots (Homer Rhode or Uni Knots work well) and tough, invisible fluorocarbon leader (24-30#) a “must”.  An interesting fact about snook is that they are picky about their prey.  If you’re using live fish for bait, don’t rig them like you do for redfish (through the back or tail) but hook them through their lips.  Snook attack from behind!    And they prefer fast-moving water, especially when it’s washing baits off shallow flats or bars into deeper troughs.

In 2015/2016, Gulf Snook “season” runs from September 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016 and from May 1 to August 31, 2016.  While you’re allowed to keep one snook per day, anglers are urged to have fun and release fish they catch.  Just remember–one cold winter and the snook will again head south and away from our Big Bend waters!

Complete information about snook and other saltwater gamefish species can be found at www.myfwc.com/fishing

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Nature Coast Challenge–Kayak Fishing Tournament, April 27, 2013, Yankeetown

by on Mar.14, 2013, under Cedar Key, Yankeetown and Waccasassa

This is a “catch-photo-release” tournament that should be lots of fun.  It also has some good prizes for redfish and spotted seatrout.  For complete information, go to www.naturecoastchallenge.com

Hosted by the Inglis-Yankeetown Lions Club
(352) 505-7936

All net proceeds go to charity

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March 12, 2012 Fishing Report, from Cedar Key Capt. Jimbo Keith

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Cedar Key

Hey there folks hope all is well with y’all. The fishing has really picked up since the last time I talked to y’all. The flats around Cedar Key have really come alive with bait. The water temp is pushing 70 degrees and has everything feeding. This past week we caught some nice limits of Trout. All of which were caught on Cajun Thunder Corks and Saltwater Assassin jigs. Green Moon and Stinky Pink have been the hot colors. We also caught some Spanish Mackerel
I haven’t fished for reds this week because the trout action was so hot. Y’all be careful and we’ll see you on the water.

Capt.Jimbo Keith

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Cedar Key/Waccasassa Fishing Report, 1/23/12, from Capt. Jimbo Keith

by on Jan.23, 2012, under Cedar Key, Yankeetown and Waccasassa

Hey there folks, hope all is well. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m thanking the Lord for this warm weather. The Speckled Trout have shown up again on the flats in Cedar Key and are hitting artificial lures like the Saltwater Assassin sea shad jig and MirrOLure’s MirrOdine. I look for the trout to hang around as long as we keep getting these warm spells. The Red Fish have also moved out of the creeks and are showing up on the rock points around Waccassassa River. Live shrimp under a cork works well for these fish. I have also heard about a few being caught on top water plugs. The Rock Bass are still plentiful on the shallow rocks and the sheep head will gather back up again on the next full moon. Good luck out there and we will see you on the water.

Capt.Jimbo Keith
Saltwater Assassin Fishing Charters

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Cedar Key/Waccasassa Fishing Report from Capt. Jimbo Keith, 1/17/12

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Cedar Key, Yankeetown and Waccasassa

Hey there all you cold weather anglers . The bite in the Cedar Key area has slowed down a little on the trout due to the cold water.  They have moved into the creeks and rivers like the Waccasassa. They can still be caught on jigs and live shrimp. I like to use a Saltwater Assassin jig in the sea shad pattern with a 1/4 to 1/2 oz jig head . The colors vary so start with your favorite and then rotate till you find one they like.
The Red Fish bite continues to be good.  Most of  the fish have moved back in the creeks with deep holes in them . Fish these creeks on a negative tide and move around till you find them. Shrimp or cut mullet on the bottom is your best bet. There has been a good bite of smaller reds in the Waccasassa  River on jigs and live shrimp fished on the bottom.
Our SheepHead have finally turned on up in our area and they are some nice ones. The artificial reefs in 20 feet of water should be your best bet for steady action. Good luck out there and we will see you on the water.

Capt. Jimbo Keith
Saltwater Assassin Fishing

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