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Get ready for Steinhatchee- Jena area Paddling Adventures October 2-5, 2014

by on Aug.18, 2014, under CAPT. TOMMY'S BOOK SIGNINGS, TALKS, TRAVELS, Steinhatchee

Steinhatchee/Jena Florida • $100 for 100 participants maximum
October 3-5, 2014 with early bird trips October 1st and 2nd

4 more paddles have just been added due to the heavy registration so far

Registration is open here NOW

and here’s what we’re giving you – – – – –

  • Access to 27 guided paddles in the area, a kayak fishing tournament and a power boat cruise on the beautiful Steinhatchee River. One of these for the early birds is an approximately 5 mile paddle Wednesday from Shired Island through scenic marshy islands, just off shore in the Gulf of Mexico, to Butler Island for an overnight camping experience, returning the next morning.
  • A get-together for early-birds Thursday evening including 2 drink coupons.
  • Primitive camping absolutely free.
  • Friday breakfast and a bag lunch if you want one.
  • A great dinner Friday night including an informative program.
  • Saturday breakfast and a lunch if you want one.
  • Entry to the kayak fishing tournament Saturday.
  • Saturday night you’re on your own but there will be discount coupons to the area’s best restaurants.
  • Sunday Brunch at the beautiful 3 story Dixie County owned Freeman House overlooking the marsh and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Best of all – you get to enjoy a stay in the Steinhatchee/Jena, Florida area with people who love the outdoors just like yourself – it’s different here – where the wild places are ! !

Registration is open here NOW

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New (2013) Artifical Reefs off of Horseshoe Beach – GPS coordinates

by on Nov.12, 2013, under Horseshoe Beach

Thanks to the great volunteer efforts of Old Town resident, Charlie Fornaciari, with the support of the Dixie County Board of County Commissioners, Suwannee, Horseshoe Beach, and Jena/ Steinhatchee fisherman and women will enjoy a boost in our ability to offer great offshore fishing.  This improvement is based on the create and expansion of a artificial reef in the Gulf.  Here is a note from Charlie Fornaciari :

“Enclosed please find the coordinates for 5 of the nine new reefs. We are still refining the accuracy of these coordinates but I’m sure you will not have trouble finding the reefs.

Additionally we have now started the mapping on the 4 remaining new reef sites. It will be up to the seas and weather.

There is a lot more structure in the area than expected. Most likely they are reef balls from previous deployments back in the mid ‘90s and ’05. The dives of September 9th prove some of that out.

We use a letter / number pattern to lay out the entire project plan. Location D3 is the very most center of the reef building project and the coordinates are provided as follows for location D3.

We will be refining the coordinates over time and we will provide the coordinates of everything else on the project area, such as reef balls, hard bottoms, etc.

Although plant life and fish are starting to show up it will take about 18 months for the reefs to mature. This allows for the marine plant life and invertebrates to colonize the limestone and pipe that has been placed.

All reefs are made up of approximately 30 tons of limestone and culvert pipe.

Some of the people working on this project, Horseshoe Beach Artificial Reef, believe the reef will attract Sheepshead this winter. If you are a diver or a fisherman please let me know what you can via email. Photographs are always welcome and some will end up on the Dixie County Tourist Development website and the artificial reef site when set up. Keep your clothes on when taking pictures of the fish! We do not want to scare anybody.

The other reef site coordinates so far:

D2: Lat. 29°19.682’ / Lon. 83°26.313’

D3: Lat. 29°19.692’ / Lon. 83°26.252’

C3: Lat. 29°19.720’ / Lon. 83°26.247’

C4: Lat. 29°19.750’ / Lon. 83°26.192’

E2: Lat. 29°19.624’ / Lon. 83°26.299’

All material height is between 3’ and 5’ off the bottom.”

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Improvements to Boat Ramp at Jena in Dixie County to be Completed December 2013

by on Nov.12, 2013, under Steinhatchee

If you’ve ever launched at the boat ramp at Jena, on the Steinhatchee River, across from the Sea Hag Marina, you know the perils.  However, the ramp is being re-built and hopefully the problem of the bad drop-off will be fixed.  No details, but based on a quick tour of the site, it looks like the ramp will be doubled in size and extended much farther into the river.

The Jena boat ramp is located at the end of CR358 on the south side of the Steinhatchee River, in Dixie County

According to good sources in Dixie County, the construction should be completed by mid-December, ahead of schedule, and just in time for this winter’s influx of seatrout in the river.  In fact, a favorite wintertime seatrout spot is the “suicide hole”, just downstream from the ramp.  That’s where seatrout go to commit suicide in the winter months!!!

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