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Go Bananas OVER Bananas–The BEST Banana Pudding

by on Oct.29, 2017, under Recipes and Food


So…? What’s the deal with bananas? They’re rumored to bring bad luck to fishermen and boaters, but they sure do taste good. They’re also easy to transport, each coming with its own zipper-like packaging. And if you’ve watched old-time pirate movies, you know that even women were at one time considered bad luck, too. Hopefully we’ve now gone beyond silly superstitions. I, for one, have caught lots of nice redfish and seatrout while munching bananas (with girls) on my boat.

Closer to home, and the kitchen, bananas play an important role for many southerners—in the role comfort food. And with the exception of maybe a serving of grits or a plate of mashed potatoes, there’s no better way to comfort your soul than with a bowl of warm banana pudding.

I suspect there are many approaches to making banana pudding. The worst is often served on restaurant buffets where “banana” likely means that a banana was simply waved over a bowl of vanilla pudding. It’s got to have bananas, folks! Somewhere in the middle is a version made with bananas and vanilla wafers, but with instant pudding mix. And at the apex of the pyramid lies the “real thing”— cooked vanilla custard with lots of bananas and vanilla wafers.

The tropical flavor of bananas makes banana pudding the perfect dessert for almost any seafood or game dinner, or as the perfect get-well dish for a sick fishing buddy. Add some crushed pineapple, per my friend Ann’s recipe, and you’ll get a double dose of fragrance and tastiness.


Classic Banana Pudding (With A Twist)


The Custard


1/2-cup sugar

1/3-cup all-purpose flour

1/4-tsp. salt

3-egg yolks (beaten)

2-cups whole milk

1/2-tsp. vanilla extract


In a saucepan, over low heat, or in a double boiler, mix the sugar, flour and salt. Whisk the milk, vanilla and egg yolks together in a separate bowl, add slowly to the dry mix, and stir constantly for 10-12 minutes or until thickened.


The Meringue


3-egg whites

1/4-cup sugar


Beat the egg whites until very soft peaks are formed, then add the sugar and beat until dissolved and the peaks are firm.


The Assembly


1-box of of Nilla vanilla wafers

5 or 6 ripe bananas, sliced

1-cup crushed pineapple, drained thoroughly


Line the bottom of a 1-1/2 quart baking dish with a layer of vanilla wafers, banana slices and a sprinkling of pineapple. Add about a third of the custard, and continue with at least two more layers of wafers and fruit, ending with a top layer of custard. Top with the meringue and bake at 350-degrees until the peaks are browned. Garnish with some more vanilla wafers and serve warm. Or if there are any leftovers serve them cold for breakfast the next morning!


Serves 4. Or maybe 2. Or sometimes just 1.

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