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ANGLING FUN, WITH DAD AND SON–Homosassa Fishing Report, Capt. Rick Burns, 8/15/13

by on Aug.15, 2013, under Chassahowitzka and Homosassa

I guided a father and son team the other day to a backcountry angling trip.
Tip: If you happen to venture in the backcountry, and aren’t familiar, keyword,  FAMILIAR, either hire a guide 1st few times out, or use a shallow draft boat you don’t care much about, to learn the area. It can get real rocky and shallow, but at times can be reeeel good fishing.
We were trolling along, working the points, cuts, and pockets, utilizing shrimp under corks. Occasionally, dropping anchor to work an area longer, or better. We saw plenty of action in the way of baitfish, mullet, and Redfish that were working the area, but they did not want to feed, or take our offerings.
Goes to prove, that at times, you can go to fish, locate fish, throw to fish, but you can’t make fish close their mouths around your hook.
Before the end of the trip though, dad hooked up with a nice Red that quickly managed to bulldog his way in the rocks to shake the hook. However, a very nice 19” Trout, and a large Sheepshead was brought to the boat. One of the local FWC surveyors back at the dock said it was the biggest Sheepshead he’s seen in three weeks.
Now, when someone can cast a rod with no problem, work a lure effiently, know a variety of species of fish by name, catch a 9lb. bass, and loves the mere word of fishing, they are a good angler. But when you can do that at 6 years old, like this son you are  truly an awesome angler. Roland, look out!
Thanks guys, for the memories.
Trout reports are still coming in good, despite the sweltering weather. Surface water temp getting up to 90 degrees. Some days little or no wind. From dawn til Breakfast is finding best results. Plenty of shorts to go around, but some decent keepers in the mix.
The floating grass is bad as I’ve ever seen. Be careful and keep an eye on your engine pilot hole, to make sure water is pumping. I’m not talking mats, but small islands of this stuff.
Reds. Well, one day on, the next, off. Persistence like anything else is the key. Keep working the points and cuts around the islands, mainly on the last of an incoming. Thunder-Spins for when the sun gets bright. Top Dogs and Spooks early in the morning. Or cut bait and shrimp under floats can be productive at times.
The spoil bank islands at C.R. have been giving up some Reds and Macks lately. Usually anchoring off a cut or rocks, tying off a chum bag, and casting some cut bait or pinfish will produce.
Local lakes and the river are still reporting good catches of Bass and Panfish. Trolling and casting crankbaits, and spinnerbaits, to your structures, weedlines, and ambush points, are what have been doing good for Bass. And crickets, or of course, popping bugs on fly, for the panfish. Can’t go wrong.
Tip of the week:
Skin cancer is not only serious, but let’s face it, it can kill ya.
Don’t wait to put on sunblock when you get out there fishing, or are already sweating. Or when your buddy is reeling one in! Never fails. Doesn’t stay on or work as well, either.
Apply your favorite sunscreen at the house in the morning before you leave. Then it has time to absorb and soak into your skin for maximum protection. Plus, it isn’t getting all over bait, or lures when you’re applying it out there fishing.
Even better, try the new “Sunsreenz” towelletes. They are the “cat’s meow”, for great, quick, and convenient angling sun protection. Go to sunsreenz.com. for obtaining. They also have an insect repellant towellete that is good for these summer time bugs. Keep one in your shirt pocket, a couple in your several tackle boxes, a couple in your glovebox, and you’ll never be without protection. Cheaper too, than trying to keep several bottles of each, at those places. Makes cents, and sense.

Be safe, and good fishing, on the nature coast ……….><> Capt. Rick Burns

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