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‘The Freezer’–Homosassa

by on Jan.29, 2009, under Chassahowitzka and Homosassa

‘The Freezer’ is a local name for Cedar Key Fish & Crab of Homosassa Inc.  They are located at 5590 South Boulevard Dr. in Homosassa, just south of MacRae’s.  Their phone numbers are (352) 628-2452 (for restaurant/bar) and (352) 628-7637 (for retail seafood market).  They don’t serve a ‘full’ menu, but the local seafood is very fresh.  Expect to find steamed shrimp, smoked mullet dip, stone crabs (in season), and white clam chowder.

15 comments for this entry:
  1. Capt. Ray Markham

    I totally agree. For fresh local seafood on the river, the “Freezer” is hard to beat, and the ambiance gives you a local flavor as well. Bring your thirst and appetite and walk away with a smile.

  2. Lindsey

    If we had known smoking was allowed in this restaurant we would not have gone. We moved our table twice and each time a new table seated next to us that lit up cigarettes while we were trying to eat. The food was okay but the cigarette smoke was obnoxious.

  3. Mary

    Please Lindsey, you must be a local! The Freezer Rocks and I have never heard anything bad about it! The food Rocks and the price ofr BEER is the cheapest around! The owners are friendly and give us all a very friendly atmosphere to enjoy! You can eat at the bar, a table or under the Tiki! The air flows thru the entire bar so as for the smoke, Lindsey, please, are you happy that you are so negative. The Freezer Rocks and my family and I will be Back. We go there at least 5 times a year and everyone I have told about the FREEZER goes back as well. Do yourself a favor and visit the freezer!!

  4. Marc

    VERY VERY VERY VERY RUDE PEOPLE AND OWNERS!!! Called on Chrostmas Eve and was very rudely told they do not take orders over the phone. Wanted to get a lot of shrimp for Christmas Eve and the lady was rude, abusive, and awful. In the economy one would think that a place would be freaking happy to take an order over the phone and get money. Like I said – VERY Rude people and as I advised over the phone I will make sure neither I or anyone I know for that matter EVER EVER EVER set foot in this place or contribute a dime to them. I hope they close their doors and wind up on the street. RUDE RUDE RUDE

  5. cave wolff

    one of the best local restaraunts ive been to in a long time local fare great decor gives you a true island feel. what a true waste if this place is shut down. one main reason for us to return to the area of all other places to visit and spend money it made the area complete good luck

  6. J W Rickert

    I’m not looking for ambiance: not looking to be treated as a V.I.P. Just looking for good food at a reasonable price. Without question, this is the place.
    The staff is usually working at NASCAR pit crew speed, so don’t expect special treatment. They have a limited menu, so don’t expect haute cuisine. Don’t criticize what it isn’t: accept what it is, and just enjoy the food. It’s fresh, it’s reasonable and it’s damn good.
    I come to Florida one week a year and I ALWAYS include stop at the Freezer: sometimes two stops. I’ve recommended it to all my friends in the area and will continue to do so.
    J W Rickert

  7. Steve

    We are from New England and the Clam Chowder at the Freezer is the best my wife and I have ever tasted. The staff is friendly and the shrimp is good too.
    Can’t ask for anything else!

  8. Mary

    Lindsy and Marc….Seriously???? You need to crawl back in your hole! The FREEZER is the best of the best in Old Homosassa, lowest prices, best food, coldest beer, friendliest people! What more could could one ask for! I have recommended it to everyone I know and have never heard a bad remark or complaint! It’s the ONLY place to eat and drink in Old Homosassa and it’s on the water!!!!! It’s the BEST! ******Rated!

  9. Dickie

    One of the most best value $$ for the freshest seafood offered in central Florida! Previous comments are correct regarding the staff to be professional yet busy. FYI.. CASH ONLY!!!!
    Awesome Shrimp, chowder, stones (when in season)and some of best tasting seasoned crawfish!

    We go often and have always seen the owners to be forthcoming to handle any concern….


    ***** (five stars)

  10. Dave

    You must be related to the owner,I’ve heard good things about the Freezer and will be looking forward to visiting soon(today)I hope.
    Reading your insults of the two people( Lindsy and Mark) that came away unhappy is whinning to the tenth power,serriously you need to focus your whinning skill on the Gingrich campagin,or the TEA Party.

  11. Camellia Cates

    I would like to purchase 2 of the Freezer bottle coozies. Can this be done by mail? I have 2 but I have a couple of friends that would like one. Please advise.

  12. Capt. Tommy Thompson

    Camellia…contact them directly.

  13. Wayne

    I am new to FL and finding my way around stumbled upon that area of Homosassa. I will be going into the Freezer and Mccraes as i am used to places like that. I come from the oceanfront in Virginia Beach where i was a local and know the good places to eat. i know good food especially seafood. I have to say i went to one local place in the area everyone raved about the food “Stumpknockers”. well wow was I disappointed had a crab cake, lots of fillers not used to that should be almost 100% crabmeat with some seasonings. Had the catfish that you’ve never had any like it, well i can make better. Tried some gator was ok but in Virginia Beach had much better. so with that said we shall see

  14. Keith

    Been going to the freezer for at least 6 years it has its busy moments when people all want to be waited on first but its a freezer so just chill and wait your turn the food is dang sure worth it.
    The owners and bar keepers are hard working so cut them some slack they do a great job of getting every one taken care of and your tummy will be happy when your done.
    For one of the greatest of all places to just enjoy a cold drink and great food you have to try the freezer, See ya there soon. And no I don’t work there I Drive from Oxford to go there about and Hour away and its worth the drive.

  15. Mary A

    This was absolutely the best shrimp and crab that I’ve ever eaten! The food comes out fast and is plentiful. Thank you for being pet friendly as we were able to take our dog in who garnered lots of pats! Can’t wait to return :)

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