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Capt. Tommy Thompson's Saltwater Angler's Guides

Siesta Key to Boca Grande

Capt. Rick Grassett’s Sarasota, FL Fishing Report for 12/9/2017

by on Dec.09, 2017, under Bradenton and Sarasota, Siesta Key to Boca Grande, Tampa Bay, East and South Shore

Anglers fishing with me, out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, had good action catching and releasing false albacore (little tunny) and tripletail in the coastal gulf on flies and trout and pompano in Sarasota Bay on CAL jigs with shad tails during the past week.

Michael Robb, from Buffalo, fished the coastal gulf with me on Monday and had good action catching and releasing several albies on a fly. In addition he also caught and released his first tripletail on a fly. Michael’s dad, Larry, joined him on Wednesday but despite a stable weather pattern, the action with albies in the coastal gulf ended as baitfish moved on.

Walter Poxon, from MN, and Bill Poxon, from Sarasota, celebrated Bill’s birthday with their annual fishing trip with me on Tuesday in Sarasota Bay. They had steady action catching and releasing numerous trout and a nice pompano on the west side of the bay on CAL jigs with shad tails.

With the passing of this weekend’s front, water temperatures will plummet and fish will move. Migratory species could reappear following the front depending on conditions. After the weather stabilizes, there should also be good action with trout, blues and more on deep grass flats of Sarasota Bay. Shallow water action for snook, trout and reds is improving due to cooler water. Fishing lighted docks and bridges in the ICW for catch and release snook with flies and DOA Lures should also be a good option.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Rick Grassett
FFI Certified Fly Casting Instructor
Orvis-Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters
Orvis Outfitter of the Year-2011
Snook Fin-Addict Guide Service, Inc.
www.snookfin-addict.com, www.snookfinaddict.com and www.flyfishingflorida.us
E-mail snookfin@aol.com
(941) 923-7799

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Fishing Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass by Hobie “Pedal” Craft!

by on Jun.18, 2016, under CAPT. TOMMY'S BOOK SIGNINGS, TALKS, TRAVELS, Ft. Myers, Sanibel and Captiva, Middle Charlotte Harbor, Siesta Key to Boca Grande





Charlotte Harbor “turns into” Pine Island Sound at an imaginary line drawn east from the mouth of Boca Grande Pass.  And for the most part, all the water in the upper half of the sound, as well as much of Charlotte Harbor, is moved by the action of that pass.  The lower half of the sound is affected by the pull of water from the Caloosahatchee River at Fort Myers and generally feeds into San Carlos Bay, to the south.  Matlacha Pass lies to the east of Pine Island and it’s water typically flows more strongly to the south on falling tides. What all this has to do with fishing is that the ebb and flow of the tides here and the constant filling and flushing of the harbor, the sound and Matlacha Pass all move bait, and with it–lots of inshore species of game fish.

This is big water, and that generally calls for big boats.  However, there’s plenty of good fishing within range of paddle or pedal craft.  On a recent trip, sponsored by the Hobie Cat Company, the leading manufacturer of pedal craft, I had the opportunity to fish the shoreline of Pine Island in a variety of weather conditions.  With summer thunderstorms building and winds howling, I experienced the ease with which I was able to move about, using my legs to power the boat, and all the while being able to continue fishing. Hobie not only pioneered pedal-style “kayaks”, but that segment of their business is now significant–with fishing “boats” the largest part of that segment.  I’ve paddled conventional kayaks and tried to fish from them, but there’s no comparison.  The ability to navigate your craft while still fishing has tremendous advantages.   Hobie’s MirageDrive, Turbo Fins and Vantage Seat have made their Pro Angler the go-to boat for serious kayak anglers!

Fishing a fully rigged Hobie Pro Angler in Matlacha Pass

Fishing a fully rigged Hobie Pro Angler in Matlacha Pass

While there are several primitive roadside launch spots on Pine Island, Hobie did their research and put us in the water (in about 15 kayaks!) at some places where we’d have easy reach to the fishing grounds.  That’s not to say that we didn’t pedal as much as 5 miles, but the beauty of the rugged Pine Island shoreline is such that you don’t have to go far to catch fish.  And, when you get “home” you want to be able to easily load the boats onto trucks or trailers and have a cold beverage.  Luckily, locals like Frank Stapleton (Hobie’s Sales Rep) and John Donahue (local writer and man-about-town) know the area well and provided welcome guidance for fishing, launching and cold beverages.

The flats west of Pineland Marina and the Tarpon Lodge offer excellent kayak fishing.

The flats west of Pineland Marina and the Tarpon Lodge offer excellent kayak fishing.

Buzzard Bay, north of the bridge at Matlacha, offers great kayak fishing in protected waters.

Buzzard Bay, north of the bridge at Matlacha, offers great kayak fishing in protected waters.

Hobie, along with PR Pro Ingrid Niehaus, put on a first class event.   We stayed at The Tarpon Lodge at Pineland, and even had a fun dinner at Cabbage Key, also owned by the Wells family.  The event was also sponsored by the local tourism office, The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel.  And, in terms of easy access to water, we found great kayak launches at Pineland Marina and at the county park/boat ramp at Matlacha, on the east side of the island.

Dollar bills….a Cabbage Key tradition–along with the original “Cheesburger in Paradise”


Tarpon Lodge

Tarpon Lodge

Cabbage Key

Cabbage Key

Dollar bills....a Cabbage Key tradition--along with the  original "Cheesburger in Paradise"

Dollar bills….a Cabbage Key tradition–along with the original “Cheeseburger in Paradise”

There are lots of options when it comes to fishing the waters here.  But there are no limitations to tackle.  Some of our group used light spinning gear, while others used baitcasters or fly rods.  The Hobie boats are stable, making it easy to get out and wade, or to stand while fishing.  The waters are generally shallow, making it a perfect place to throw topwater plugs (MirrOlure Top Dogs) or soft plastics (D.O.A. 3-inch shrimp or CALs).




Fishing the flats in Pine Island Sound, just a short paddle from the Tarpon Lodge and Pineland Marina




There’s no problem standing up–or fly fishing–from a Hobie Pro Angler kayak!



It’s just a short paddle north from the Matlacha boat ramp to the backwaters of Buzzard Bay.



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Fronts ease the Suncoast into winter–By Ray Markham

by on Dec.05, 2015, under Siesta Key to Boca Grande, St. Pete Beaches, Tampa Bay, East and South Shore, Tampa Bay, West Shore and St. Petersburg

With less than three weeks remaining in the fall season, reflecting back will reveal that this has been one of the mildest on record. Warm air and easterly winds for nearly a week have made fishing for kingfish and Spanish mackerel just off the beaches a doable task. Plenty of big Spanish were caught but kings have been scattered. Captains Ryan Farner and Chris Turner of St. Petersburg will host a final kingfish tournament called the Bitch of the Ditch that will run Saturday out of Billy’s Stone Crab on Tierra Verde. The interesting twist is that this event has boundaries from Egmont Key to up inside Tampa Bay. The weekend will have a mild cold front easing into the area shifting winds and fish, but this front should push more kings southward to the area. Predicted winds won’t be as high as last week’s front, but changing wind direction will also change tide levels that will affect where you’ll find fish on the flats and in the bay. The Saturday weigh-in at Billy’s Stone Crab should provide interesting results.

Coming off the quarter moon this week, we won’t see the big swings in tides that we saw during last week’s full moon. Looking at the comfort zone chart for fish, the majority of fish that swim in our waters prefer water temperatures in the mid-seventies, right where Tampa Bay is presently situated. Tides won’t be moving that fast, so positioning yourself where wind blows between islands or at the mouths of small bays where there are narrow openings can speed up the water at that point, making an ambush location for snook, trout, flounder and more.

Some of the largest snook of the year have been caught this past week coming off the full moon. Most fish were caught in brackish water, meaning these fish were moving up rivers or creeks to the headwaters for the winter. Snook season closed this week along with gag grouper, making both species off limits for take-home. However, catch-and-release action for snook will bend some rods and make some smiles. Flounder continue to give anglers something extra to target. Look for sandy areas with good water flow. Reports from John’s Pass and the Pass-A-Grille area have been consistent productive areas.

If you’re fishing inside Tampa Bay and adjacent waters, look around all the channel markers and range markers in the bay for cobia, Spanish mackerel, and tripletail. All three species have been caught here this week.

Capt. Ray Markham specializes in fly and light tackle fishing with artificial lures, charters out of the Tampa Bay area, and may be reached via his website at www.CaptainRayMarkham.com, email at ray.markham@gmail.com, or at (941) 723-2655 for charter.

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CB’s Saltwater Outfitters Orvis-Endorsed Fly Fishing Schools-2015 Dates

by on Dec.10, 2014, under Bradenton and Sarasota, Siesta Key to Boca Grande

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters, 1249 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL have established dates for their Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing schools for the winter and spring; Jan 17, Feb. 21, Mar. 7, Mar 28 and Apr 11, 2015. Located on Siesta Key, named Best Beach in America, the schools will cover fly casting basics, line control, shooting line and the roll cast. Instructors, Capt. Rick Grassett and Capt. Ed Hurst, will also cover leader construction, fly selection and saltwater fly fishing techniques. The course, designed for beginning and intermediate fly casters, will focus on basics but also work with intermediate casters on correcting faults and improving casting skills. Cost for the schools, which will run from 8:30 AM to 3 PM, is $150 per person and includes the use of Orvis fly tackle, a text book and lunch. Contact CB’s Saltwater Outfitters at (941) 349-4400 or info@cbsoutfitters.com to make reservations.

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Capt. Rick Grassett’s Gasparilla Sound, FL Fishing Report for 11/30/2014

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Siesta Key to Boca Grande

Anglers fishing with me on my Action Craft flats skiff the Snook Fin-Addict, out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, caught and released trout, snook and redfish in Gasparilla Sound on CAL jigs with shad tails and flies with me during the past week.

Mike Penny, from Atlanta, GA and his guest, Jim, from TX, and Chip Bates, from CT, fished Gasparilla Sound near Boca Grande on a couple of different trips with me. The best trip was with Mike and Jim on Monday before conditions deteriorated. They caught and released about a dozen trout, a couple of snook and a red on CAL jigs with shad tails and DOA Deadly Combos to complete their slam.

Catch and release night snook fishing in the ICW is a good option now. Fish peak tidal flows for the best action. Trout, blues, flounder and more should also be good options on deep grass flats of Sarasota Bay. Look for reds and big trout mixed with mullet schools on shallow flats. Tripletail should also be a good option in the coastal gulf depending on conditions. Look for them on crab trap buoys.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Rick Grassett
IFFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor
Orvis- Endorsed Outfitter Guide
CB’s Saltwater Outfitters-2011 Orvis Outfitter of the Year
Snook Fin-Addict Guide Service, Inc.
(941) 923-7799
E-mail snookfin@aol.com

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Capt. Andy Cotton’s Sarasota, FL Fishing Forecast October 2014

by on Sep.29, 2014, under Bradenton and Sarasota, Siesta Key to Boca Grande

Fall fishing should be in full swing this month, with a wide variety of species that can be targeted. From breaking fish in the coastal gulf to a variety of gamefish on the shallow flats.

Snook will start to move in from the beaches and passes as the water temps start to fall. You will find them along mangrove shorelines, in potholes on the shallow flats and along sandbars. I like to work these areas with top-water plugs and DOA soft plastic baits. Look for these fish at night staging along seawalls, bridge fenders and other structures where there is good tidal flow. Target these spots that have over-head or underwater lighting and fish the shadow lines with swim-baits or deceiver style fly patterns or surface flies like a gurgler.

The large schools of redfish that were found last month will start to break up and scatter across the shallow flats in Sarasota Bay. Look for schools of mullet or bait flipping on the surface as this may be a good indicator that there is fish feeding in the area. When looking for redfish I prefer to get out of my boat and wade the areas where redfish are working. This gives you more of low profile and stealthy approach to spooky fish. A variety of baits will work but I prefer to use a DOA CAL Shad tail or DOA shrimp rigged a weedless worm style hook or on fly a Grassett’s Flats Minnow tied with a weed guard to prevent snags in heavy grass.

Look for big spotted seatrout in the same areas as the snook and redfish on the shallow flats and in potholes. Fishing a topwater plug early in the morning can be deadly on over-slot fish. The deeper grass flats will hold trout in different size ranges along with Spanish mackerel, bluefish and pompano. A DOA CAL Shad tail jig or Deadly combo with DOA shrimp should produce steady action.

Another good option this month is juvenile tarpon. These fish can be found up creeks and residential canal systems around the Peace and Myakka rivers. These fish usually range from 10 to 30 pounds, with some smaller and larger fish mixed in. Snook tackle will be plenty to handle these smaller fish. A rootbeer color TerrorEyz or DOA Glow shrimp are two of my top pics for juvenile tarpon. Fly tackle in the 8 to 9 weight range with a fast sinking line and a small bunny fly or a scaled down version of the flies that you would use on adult tarpon. Large tarpon may be found in the deeper water that surrounds the grass flats in Sarasota Bay and Charlotte Harbor. These fish can be spotted feeding on schools of ladyfish. A DOA Baitbuster cast in to the frenzy should produce a strike.

The coastal Gulf of Mexico should be alive with plenty of bait and predators to follow. Schools of Spanish mackerel and false albacore will be moving along the beaches, so keep eye out for birds diving and bait scattering on the surface as these are good indicators that there is trouble below. I like to get up wind of a school of breaking fish and drift slowly to the fish while casting spoons, swimbaits and flies in to the mix. King mackerel can be found working the edges of these schools and sometimes can be seen skyrocketing through the fury. Look around marker buoys and crab pot floats, you may spot tripletail floating just under the surface. Generally tripletail are not spooky fish and will readily take a wide variety of live and artificial baits. Small baitfish and shrimp fly patterns will entice these fish in to biting.

Capt. Andy Cotton is the owner/operator of O’Fish All Guide Service “LLC” in Sarasota and is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide out CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key. He can be reached at (941) 685-9439 or at www.ofishallguideservice.com

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Captain Van Hubbard’s Englewood/Placida Fishing Report for 26 April 2014.

by on Apr.27, 2014, under Siesta Key to Boca Grande

t looks like our crazy weather is over and Spring fishing is fine.
Gulf and inside waters have cleared up finally and fishing is improving. The Gulf is still a little cooler than it normally is in almost May but we could see bottom in 40 feet of water from Venice Beach to Boca Grande Pass; so prospects look bright for our fishing future. We even saw several large flying fish last week; a sure sign of clean waters. Inside has cleared up also since we have not had any rain recently..
On inside trips we are getting a few redfish, some snook, and plenty of trout. Bait minnows are almost impossible right now and this has hampered our backcountry catching. Plenty of pinfish but almost no whitebait and that’s tough on us all. Many of us have discussed this problem and God only knows what will change and when. The little bit of minnows around are not responding to chum this year? Even Captain Van’s Magic Chum has not enticed the whitebait into range of my deadly cast net. Fortunately we have options.
Outside is much better with some king and plenty of Spanish mackerel to please anglers. They pull hard, have liberal bag limits, and make great meals; that’s making my folks happy. We got several permit last week and expect to see some cobia but none so far. Sharks are missing with the big black balls of baitfish but I hear some are just south of me now. I’m excited about the big Spring fish migration that has not materialized here yet. We also have had some nice mango snapper to enhance the dinner plate. Everything seems to be coming together both in and out side and I’m ready to tangle with all of them; come help.
I do have a few days open next week Wednesday the last day of snook season also May 1 &2 if you can get away on weekdays. Also the 14 and 27 this month and several days in June prime tarpon or catch and release snook action. This has been a very busy year so far and it’s wonderful.
Tarpon are beginning to show up around Boca Grande Pass and should start moving up towards Venice on the Beaches soon.  It’s time to get out and enjoy our beautiful waters and great fishing! Let’s go fishin’ now! Captain Van Hubbard <www.captvan.com>

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March 24, 2014 Fishing Report, Capt. Van Hubbard, Placida and Englewood

by on Mar.25, 2014, under Siesta Key to Boca Grande

We are enjoying some good fishing when winds allow us to go where we want. Business is amazing so get your reservation request in ASAP if you want to fish with me. Our recent catching has been directly correlated to the wind speed and direction; good weather has allowed us good catching. We have been able to catch a mess usually on the windy days. We should be getting into April weather soon and I’m expecting the bite to light up very soon when ever it calms down and warms up slightly.
My family trips are so much fun and Spring Break is into full swing. It is great to share time with the children, parents and even grandparents. The smiles, memories created, and family time are truly priceless. The manatees and dolphin keep us occupied when fish tease us.
The mackerel have come up to us in the Gulf but winds only allow us the get to them some days. We have enjoyed several tasty lunches of grilled mackerel for lunch after our trips recently at the Stump Pass Grille. A few larger ones add to our bay trips. Trout are active and tasty dinners for the fish hungry folks.
The larger kingfish should be here whenever this wind backs down to let us get to them. Several captains have caught a few in the deeper Gulf. Water temps are right for mackerel and almost warm enough for snook to get more active. Minnows are not available yet but any day this could change. I keep my castnet handy and got my Captain Van’s Magic Chum in a month ago.
Everything is shaping up for the best year in a long time what a blessing for all of us. Thank you, Captain van Hubbard www.captvan.com.

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Englewood/Placida/Boca Grande Fishing Report, Capt. Van Hubbard, 2/23/14

by on Feb.23, 2014, under Siesta Key to Boca Grande

Fishing is fun and fine for the Venice to Boca Grande area.

Our weather was been good to great last week; we’ve enjoyed great fishing and good catching. Catching will improve with waters continuing to warm up as Spring approaches. Business is great and if you want to fish with me please don’t wait too long to secure your date. We do have other good guides around and I’ll gladly help you line one up if I can; but I’m your best bet for fun family trips! With forty years of local guiding I can usually help you catch more fish too. Many of my recent trips are families; the kids make these trips special with their enthusiasm and joy! Wonderful lifetime memories are created and cherished forever. My anglers range from experts to beginners on trips and it all works out just fine. It’s wonderful to share Lemon Bay and our other area waters with you.
We have enjoyed steady action with a mixed bag of mackerel, trout, pompano, plus fun species like ladyfish and jacks for additional action. As the near shore Gulf of Mexico warms just a little more everything will pick up. I’m not finding whitebait minnows yet but expect to any time. I stopped by Baitmasters last week while in St Petersburg for a fishery dialog meeting and stocked up on Captain Van Hubbard’s Magic Chum expecting to need it soon. Yes, I have my secret baitfish chum available in local bait shops! Yes, it works if minnows are around.
Snook season opens next weekend on the First of March. Venice and Englewood waters are almost warm enough to see action pick up with this warm water gamefish. Our waters are almost seventy degrees inside already and snook like seventy-five degrees. Minnows will help stimulate the bite when we are able to cast net some. The season is only open for two months so don’t procrastinate! You really want to select the all day trip here to enhance our odds of success. Two anglers is best here but three works ok and four is crowded. It all depends on how important your fishing is.
Shrimp are available and help us catch a few tasty pompano and sheepshead also. There desirable fish don’t eat many minnows. Sheepshead will be over soon but pompano should improve sporadically. The secret to pompano catching is there is no secret, and you don’t catch them if you don’t fish for them. The trout and reds love shrimp also. All of our catching will get even better when we start catching minnows for bait. Our bait choices vary with species targeted and what’s available to catch or purchase.
Spanish Mackerel are available and should be more abundant every week for the next couple of months. The much larger king mackerel are due soon. Both are good eating fresh and you can keep enough to share with family and friends here. We are already seeing some minnow schools in deeper near shore waters. The baitfish and schools of migratory game fish will move into the Venice Beach area by mid March and remain through April. The barracuda, cobia, permit, sharks, etc…, are all due anytime also.
Sorry to be so brief but it’s the busy season and I have to get to work. I do love my office and understand I’m blessed to be able to continue taking you fishing to support myself. Thank you. Captain Van Hubbard

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by on Dec.02, 2013, under Middle Charlotte Harbor, Siesta Key to Boca Grande, Upper Charlotte Harbor



Sleep under the stars where the nights are always balmy and bright

CHARLOTTE HARBOR AND THE GULF ISLANDS, Fla. (Dec. 2, 2013) – If memories of a family road trip pulling the pop-up camper or an overnight outing with a group of scouts harkens, consider an excursion to Florida’s Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands to both recapture the past and create new memories for the future.

Campers love to explore the treasures of the great outdoors here in Southwest Florida where there’s a bounty of lakes, forests, rivers and more meandering through RV parks and campgrounds. In the great outdoors of Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands, nestled along the coast between Sarasota and Ft. Myers, the joys of RVing can be found in abundance.

Many of today’s amenity-laden parks are destinations in and of themselves and include swimming pools, lakes with boat/canoe/kayak rentals, game rooms, movie rentals/screenings, fishing ponds, bike paths and rentals, miniature golf, arts and crafts classes and more.  These venues and nearby nature preserves also serve as the perfect canvas for wildlife photography, painting and soft adventure excursions, too.

Whether you’re renting a cabin or turning up in a luxury RV, it’s time to hit the road. Winter camping in Florida finds parks and campgrounds filled with friendly snowbirds without children in tow, which makes for a more relaxing getaway for boomers/seniors. However, families take note, in summer, the outdoor lifestyle here is great for those with kids, as the little ones easily make friends with other campers’ offspring affording mom and dad a well-deserved respite in the great outdoors.

Which camping park you choose depends on what outdoor activities you enjoy. Rent a cabin, pitch a tent or hook up your RV to one of ten campground and camping resorts in Charlotte County. They are located close to shopping, beaches, restaurants, game fishing, dinner theaters and golf courses. Most feature a variety of recreational amenities and they’re reasonably priced. Following is a listing with brief description of the campgrounds/RV parks you’ll find in Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands:

Alligator Park, Inc.
6400 Taylor Rd., Lot 112
Punta Gorda, FL 33950


Alligator Park is a friendly, age 55+ RV and mobile home community. All sites are full hookup with 30 + 50 amp service. Swim in their heated pool, or stroll by the 30-acre lake, where fishing is allowed. Don’t be fooled by the country setting, with easy access to nearby Route 75 and U.S. 41, restaurants and shopping are within two miles. Enjoy dances in their new clubhouse or select a book from the free library. Clean laundry facilities, hot showers and Wi-Fi are available.

Gulf View Encore RV Resort
10205 Burnt Store Rd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
941-639-3978 or 877-237-2757
Pleasantly situated on Alligator Creek, you’ll find immediate access to great fishing off the dock or from a boat. Open year-round, the resort’s top features include: 200 sites, full hookups, hot tub, pool, showers, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and pets on leash are allowed.

Harbor Lakes
3737 El Jobean Rd. (S.R. 776)
Port Charlotte, FL 33953
941-624-4511 or 800-468-5022
Come join in the fun and enjoy the tropical lifestyle offered at Encore-Harbor. Numerous in-park activities are planned each season and besides 528 sites there are resort cottages available. Activities: Fishing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, swimming, tennis court, volleyball court. Facility amenities: big rig hookups, covered pavilion, dump station, Elec. 30 + 50 amp, exercise/fitness facilities, full hookups, hot tub, ice, laundry, parking, paved pads, phone hookup, picnic shelter, pool heated, pool outdoor, propane sales, rec hall/clubhouse, recreational area, restaurant nearby, restrooms, showers and tables.

Myakka River Motorcoach Resort
14100 Myakka Avenue
Port Charlotte, FL 33953


This is a brand new Class A motor coach resort on the shores of the Myakka River in the unincorporated community of El Jobean.  The 30-acre resort features three lakes, a clubhouse with library and billiards room, pool with 75’ swimming lanes, whirlpool spa, waterfront boardwalks and fishing pier, putting green, tennis courts, fitness room, large entertainment area and an activities calendar featuring water aerobics, yoga, crafts, and movie nights, plus a sunset patio to catch breathtaking Florida sunsets. The resort offers brick paved motor coach pads and patios, sidewalks and lots of grassy areas for pets. Nearby are bike trails along with the Charlotte Sports Park, ballpark home to the Charlotte Stone Crabs AAA team in summer/fall and the Tampa Bay Rays spring training camp.

Palms & Pines Riverside RV Resort
5400 Riverside Dr.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982


Located on the juncture of Peace River, Shell Creek and Charlotte Harbor, Palms and Pines offers an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view and natural resources of the region.  Shopping, restaurants, and medical facilities are within a few miles.  Relax beneath the palms, enjoy the sunshine and participate in the many activities such as bingo, cards, crafts and potluck dinners. There are boat docks, a boat ramp, fishing pier, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and mini-library, too. Rental spaces have complete hookups and grassy lots with concrete patios and are available for short or long term rental. Apartments feature full kitchens, air-conditioning, and screened porches.

Peace River Mobile Home, RV Park, & Fishing Camp
29208 Snook Cir.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
There are 30 sites and 30 units/cabins for visitors’ accommodations.  Facility amenities include: boat dock, boat ramp, cable TV hookup, Elec. 30 + 50 amp, full hookups, hot showers, laundry, phone hookup, restrooms, showers, and water access.

Punta Gorda RV Resort
3701 Baynard Dr.
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
This friendly adult park offers 221 sites, full hookups, pool, hot tub, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and is ADA compliant. Shuffleboard, horseshoes, a rec hall, convenience store and laundry plus dial-up Internet rounds out the facility amenities.

Shell Creek Resort Inc.
35711 Washington Loop Rd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
With 239 sites, facility amenities include: boat ramp, cable TV hookup, convenience store, Elec. 30 amp, exercise/fitness facilities, full hookups, groceries, hot tub, ice, laundry, parking, pay phones, phone hookup, picnic area, pool outdoor, propane sales, rec hall/clubhouse, recreational area, restrooms, showers, tables, and water access for fishing and swimming.


U.S. 41 S., 14880 Tamiami Trail
Punta Gorda, FL 33955



Fishing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and swimming are top activities found in this lovely country setting. Facility amenities: full hookups, hot showers, patio, phone hookup, outdoor heated pool, rec hall/clubhouse, restrooms, showers dump station, Elec. 30 + 50 amp.

Water’s Edge RV Resort
6800 Golf Course Blvd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
941-637-4677 or 800-637-9224
A great resort for bicyclers, swimmers and those with a need for big rig hookups. Amenities include 167 sites, covered pavilion, dump station, Elec. 30 + 50 amp, full hookups, hot showers, hot tub, laundry, patio, phone hookup, picnic area, picnic shelter, pool heated, pool outdoor, propane sales, rec hall/clubhouse, recreational area, restaurant nearby, restrooms, showers and tables.

About Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands

Located halfway between Tampa and Naples on the Southwest Florida Gulf coast, Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands is a charming collection of nine coastal communities surrounding the state’s second largest harbor. Florida’s premier year-round eco-tourism destination, Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands offers a pristine unspoiled beauty that has served as the backdrop for seven major feature films as well as countless memorable vacations.  A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands has been named to SAIL magazine’s “10 Greatest Places to Sail in the United States,” ranked by Golf Digest as “Third Best Place to Live and Play Golf in America,” and rated by MONEY magazine as one of the “Best Places to Live in the South.” The city of Punta Gorda was named as one of “Top Ten Places to Retire Healthy” by U.S. News & World Report. Englewood was named as #2 of the Top Ten emerging travel destinations in the U.S. by TripAdvisor.com.

For information about area events, activities and attractions, contact the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau, 18500 Murdock Circle, Suite B104, Port Charlotte, FL 33948; 941-743-1900, or call toll free at 1-800-652-6090 for a free Visitor’s Guide; or visit the Web site at www.CharlotteHarborTravel.com.

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